Dr Will Medd: Accredited Certified Coach (ICF),Co-active Professional Certified Coach (CTI), Organisational and Relationship Systems Coaching. As well as being a professional coach Will has a background as an established researcher well versed in the challenges of inter-disciplinary and cross institutional research, and with a reputation for high-impact research involving strong stakeholder involvement. Recent research projects were evaluated as ‘outstanding’ by the ESRC.

Dr Lynne Goodacre: Assistant Director NHS Research & Development NW. With a clinical background in occupational therapy a significant proportion of Lynne’s clinical career was spent working in close collaboration with industry in the field of assistive technologies. After moving into academia alongside researching the challenges of living with and managing rheumatic conditions Lynne also undertook collaborative projects with the Helen Hamlyn Centre at the Royal College of Art          focused on the involvement of patients in the design process and the facilitation of an inclusive design process. Alongside her work on developing research and innovation capability she is currently part of a collaboration to develop novel heated gloves for people with Raynauds Disease using innovative knitted materials.