The content of this programme has been informed by a series of stakeholder engagement events with service managers which highlighted the need for a development programme which increased knowledge and focused also on leadership development. These 2 components are therefore interwoven throughout the 4 days.

Broad overview of the programme

Day 1 Will focus on exploring the role of leadership in shaping and influencing culture, examining what is meant by a culture of research and innovation and the current policies which are shaping the national R&I agendas within the NHS. Skills relevant to facilitating action learning sets will also be explored.
Day 2 The focus of the second day will be on your role as a leader in developing a culture of R&I and working strategically to develop and expand your networks. You will increase your understanding of the major regional R&I networks including the Academic Health Science Network, the Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care and explore how your service can engage with them. The day will include a facilitated Action Learning Set
Day 3 The third day will explore the organisational cultures of R&I which exist currently within NHS Trusts, the factors which influence and shape them and the key stakeholders. The development of an R&I strategy will be covered as will skills related to influencing and negotiating.
Day 4 The final day will provide you with the opportunity to explore the culture of R&I within your service/team, potential areas of development, opportunities and challenges.


Organisational Visit

Alongside the 4 workshops you will also have the opportunity to spend a day with a relevant commercial company to increase your understanding of how R&I is approached within this sector.

Action Learning Set

Over the course of the programme you will develop skills in facilitating action learning sets and have the opportunity to participate in 3 learning sets, one of which will be facilitated as part of day 2. The other two will be arranged within the learning sets between day 2 and 3 and 3 and 4.