Leading Cultures of R&I Leadership. Development Programme

Innovation Health and Wealth sets out the ambition of an NHS defined by its commitment to innovation, demonstrated both in its support for research and its success in the rapid adoption and diffusion of the best, transformative most innovative ideas, products, services and clinical practice.’  The NHS Constitution is explicit in its commitment to ‘innovation and the promotion, conduct and use of research to improve the current and future health and care of the population’.

Delivering on these constitutional and policy agendas is linked directly to improved patient outcomes and quality of care, greater efficiency and resource utilisation and is predicated on a workforce equipped with the requisite skills working within a culture actively engaged with research and innovation.

Work undertaken by NHS R&D NW over the last 12 months has identified a strong commitment from service managers to the integration of R&I into their teams but also highlighted limitations in knowledge regarding the R&I landscape and policy agendas and lack of personal confidence in providing leadership on this agenda.

The Leading Cultures of Research & Innovation is a novel and innovative programme of leadership development informed by our stakeholder engagement and funded by Health Education North West via Forerunner funding allocated to Cumbria and Lancashire Local Workforce Education Group.