Let’s Talk Research Podcasts

Inspirational Podcast Series

NHS R&D North West have developed a series of short film Podcasts to help inspire people in the region to move into the research arena. Featuring key leaders and champions who have impacted the health research landscape, these inspirational and informative podcasts create a snapshot of the individual, their roles and challenges but also how they have or can impact through their approaches and way of thinking. 

Podcast Series 1 – The Champions. Key health research leaders in the region and how they believe they have made an impact.

Podcast series 2 – The Edgewalkers. People who have challenged current thinking and approaches – and made a difference! Podcast are in development but presenters to include Helen Bevan, Meg Wheatley, Deborah Arnot, Simon Denegri, Maxine Power, David Fillingham, Peter Kinderman and Michael West

Podcast Series 3 – Let’s Talk Research Presentations. Videos featuring key speakers discussing current research topics at the Let’s Talk Research Conference 2015.

In collaboration with the University of Salford, the podcast series are available both here on our website and as dedicated Playlists on our YouTube site. Click on the links above to watch the individual podcasts or click to see the Podcast Series playlist

Podcast Series 1 is the first of our series and focuses research and development across the North West region. It presents key health research leaders who have impacted the health research landscape in the North West.

Stuart Eglin, Lynne Goodacre, Gillian Southgate – NHS R&D North West Team

Alistair Burns – Professor of Old Age Psychiatry and Vice Dean for the Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences at The University of Manchester

Ged Byrne – Director of Education and Quality Health Education England (North)

Liz Mear – Chief Executive of the North West Coast Academic Health Science Network

Jenny Popay – Professor of Sociology and Public Health at the University of Lancaster

Brenda Roe & Deborah Morris – North West People in Research forum (podcast in development)