Big Comedy Shop

Exploring the use of comedy in communicating about research

In 2012 the team at NHS Research and Development North West worked for a day with the Big Comedy Shop to explore the use of comedy in communicating about research. The results of the day can be seen on You Tube.

Having experienced an exciting and thought provoking day we built upon this work by circulating a call for proposals from research groups across the North West to work with the Big Comedy Shop to communicate a key message to the public derived from research they had undertaken.

Having circulated a call three groups were selected, each of which spent a day working with the Big Comedy Shop. Each day incorporated improvisation, brainstorming, creativity, debating and film production.

The completed films can be see below along with comments from the groups about their experiences of being involved in this project and how it helped them not only think about how they communicate their research but also how creative workshops can facilitate greater team working.

Center for Suicide Prevention, University of Manchester

Stigma attached to Mental Illness in the Chinese Community

Workshop regarding the research into the stigma of mental illness in the Chinese Community 

Documentary of the making of…  Move More, Sit Less, Every Day

Move More, Sit Less, Every Day