Past Catalyst Events

At each event, Open Space Facilitation is used to explore and examine a specialist topic or area of strength and expertise in the North West region . The following topics have been the subject of a Catalyst event to date:-

Paradigms of Mental Health – 14th May 2018

Collaborating for Care – 7th September 2016

How do we ensure Dementia Research improves lives? -5th May 2016

Do we need health education research?  20th January 2016

Staff Health & Wellbeing (NWC AHSN) – 3rd December 2015

Future of Primary Dental Care – October 2013

Adolescent Health – July 2012

Armed Forces – December 2011

e-health EU– September 2010

Patient Safety – May 2010

Obesity – December 2009

Infection – November 2009

Paediatric respiratory & endocrine research – December 2008