To pack or not to pack that is the question? #GillianHope2017

So just over 24hrs before I leave for Portugal and I have not packed. This blog is in fact packing procrastination.


The half packed bag

The issue is what to pack? The HOPE guidelines for participants in Portugal said smart dress ( but not too smart). So initially I was fine with that. I have a current working wardrobe of smart but not too smart, all ready to go, just stick it in the case and job done. However, I then looked at the weather forecast for Coimbra and discovered that its going to be 32 degrees next week!! On inspection I think I might be boiled alive in my current working wardrobe at 32 degrees and anything I have that is cooler is more beach wear than work wear. This is a bit of a last minute dilemma. I imagine that the Portuguese workforce will either be in suitable cool clinical uniforms or effortlessly dressed in lightweight linen with matching bags and belts. I don’t really have the time now to purchase a whole new working wardrobe so it looks like I will just have to manage with what I have got, a beach/workwear  combination,  the Hawaii Five-O meets LA Law look, and where possible stick to air conditioned buildings.