Research Masterclass Series

Workshops to help you develop as a Researcher………..

Our Research Masterclasses provide the opportunity to focus on an aspect of researcher development in more depth. These sessions are interactive workshops delivered face to face and run from 9:30am until 5:30pm.The workshops are free to colleagues working in the NHS in the North West. For people working in academia or from outside of the region the price is £50 per day.
  • ‘Getting started in Research’ workshop, 26th October
  • ‘Getting the right balance: resilience and self-leadership in research’ workshop – 21st March 2016

‘Getting started in Research’ workshop, 26th October
If you are a healthcare professional working in the NHS it can be challenging to identify the options and opportunities available to you to increase your research skills and expertise.This workshop will provide you with the opportunity to explore some of the options open to you and, as importantly, utilise a range of exercises to move you from thinking about getting started in research to developing a tangible course of action to make this a reality.

Who is the workshop for? – Nurses, allied health professions, midwives and other health professionals working in the NHS with an interest in developing their clinical research skills and expertise. You may be thinking about doing a formal course of study e.g. a Masters in Research or a PhD or you may be interested in exploring what other options are open to you. There will be presentations from the NIHR trainee co-ordinating centre and healthcare professionals at differing stages of their research career.

Aims – This workshop will;

  • Increase your understanding of the opportunities to develop research skills and expertise
  • Provide an opportunity to develop a clear course of action
  • Develop your understanding of sources of funding and resources available to support you

Click Getting started in research programme to read more details or contact Leanne to book onto this masterclass.

‘Getting the right balance: resilience and self-leadership in research’ workshop – 21st March 2016
This is a day to step back, re-align and plan the next steps in your research, recognising the need to keep the balance right with work and the rest of life.  The day will build on questions around what’s at stake, choosing perspective, finding confidence getting out of your own way and identifying habits that help and habits that hinder.  Finally, what’s next will be explored in a way that energise

More details on this masterclass to follow.