In May 2021, strategic partners in health and social care launched a new three-year North West England Regional Research Strategy which recognised the importance of research to improve health and social care outcomes for patients and service users.

It celebrated the contributions made by nurses, midwives and allied health professionals across the whole health and care spectrum, and showcased new offerings that were being developed for practitioners over the next three years.

Health and Care EXPO NW 2022 was the culmination of the work of the strategic partners during Year One and a key deliverable against the Strategy.  It provided an immersive experience for new and existing health and care researchers through a virtual gallery showcasing research projects and individual research journeys and a live programme of events filled with workshops, presentations and key note addresses on the national research strategics for nursing, midwifery and the Allied Health Professions.

These pages provide just a small taste of the EXPO experience and we are already looking forward to planning EXPO 2023.

Expo – The experience

The story of the Expo 2022

Impact Projects

The unique materials created or show cased through EXPO that are making a difference on the ground.

Call to Action

Here are ways that you can extend and respond to Expo through initiating research, helping create a culture of research in your organisation, or adapting systems to make it possible for practitioners to engage in research activities.