Write Here, Write Now!

This 1-day workshop offers a combination of ‘retreat’ to create space to write and live coaching ‘experiments’ to explore different approaches to the experience of writing.

While working on a current piece of writing (a paper, proposal etc) it aims to explore what happens if you unlock the possibility of enjoying writing!  The workshop explores confidence, fears, values, goals and habits while experimenting with different writing moods.

Participants will come away with:

  • Dedicated writing time on their topics.
  • Greater awareness of what gets in their way of their writing and how to overcome that.
  • Learning from others about their writing experiences and strategies.
  • A commitment to new writing habits.

It is free to attend this workshop if you are working within the NHS, for those working outside the NHS, there will be a small charge, places are limited so early booking is recommended. To book your place, contact Leanne