21st October 2021

The second workshop in our Provcation Seminar Series is being held on the 21st October 2021, 1.30pm-4.30pm via zoom.  It will cover the theme of “How does the language you use impact on the clinical care you give?”  and will seek to address a number of questions:

  • What different words and phrases would you use when talking to different kinds of patients and when talking to other colleagues.
  • What words and phrases are important to public health messaging around COVID-19?
  • How effective is public health messaging around COVID-19 in reaching marginalised groups in society?”

The discussion session will be led by Dr David Oakey and Dr Chris Jones of the Department of English at the University of Liverpool.  They are applied linguists who try to solve real world problems that have some linguistic cause.  To learn more about what will be on offer during this seminar please click here to watch a short film prepared by Dave and Chris.

So you can explore these ideas, your relationship to them and perhaps transform the way you view your role and responsibilities please email  to reserve your place or nominate a colleague to attend instead.