NHS Early Career Researcher Workshop for NHS based part-time PhD Students

Undertaking a PhD on a part-time basis whilst working in a clinical role and juggling family and social commitments is a significant challenge which is increased by the need to sustain this over a period of five years. This workshop will move away from the more traditional focus on research skills and expertise and provide a space to concentrate more on personal development. The workshop will be facilitated by Damian Hughes, founder of LiquidThinker, an inspirational consultancy, which takes the methods used by great leaders and achievers and shows how these can be applied to teams and individuals to achieve success.

Through his work, Damian helps a wide range of organisations in the commercial and public sector to develop change catalysts, inspiring leaders and great thinkers. His innovative and exciting approach has been praised by Sir Richard Branson, Muhammad Ali, Sir Terry Leahy, Tiger Woods, Jonny Wilkinson and Sir Alex Ferguson. Damian was appointed Professor of Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour at Manchester Metropolitan University in September 2010. This one day workshop will take you away from the usual content and focus on PhD training and equip you with tools to help you achieve your goals.

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