Monthly Webinars – ‘Being successful as an NHS based researcher’

Whether you’re starting on your research career or already on the journey, Dr Will Medd will help you move forward with action-focused webinars – from the comfort of your own desk. Follow the series or join calls on a ‘one-off basis between 4pm-5pm on the dates shown in the Webinar Series Programme and listed below or click here to read more.

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Dates Being a Research Content
June 29th4-5pm What to prioritise?  How do you keep hold of what’s important when you are swamped by the possibilities, feeling overwhelmed by the challenges, unsure about the next step? This call invites you to step back and ask: what’s important to me in my research and how do I bring that alive, each day?
July 13th4-5pm What’s possible? Research is about the unknown and when dealing with unknown it’s easy to lose track of what you’re aiming for.  This session will explore your goals – whether that’s long term aspirations, or how to be realistic for the next month.
October 12th4-5pm Keep up the energy  The excitement of ‘being a researcher’ can wear thin when the reality of the different, and sometimes mundane demands, hit.  This session will explore what happens when you learn to draw more on your strengths and bring them to bear on the different challenges you face.
November 23rd4-5pm Getting out of your own way  There are lots of things that get in the way of research without your own self-doubting and pressure raising voices.  This session is an invitation to learn to spot the many guises of ‘the Gremlin’ or ‘inner critic’ and start to manage them in more helpful ways.
December 14th4-5pm Celebrating the knock -backs  Knock-backs come in all shapes and forms in research and from different people.  In this session we explore the ways to reframe and learn to celebrate those difficult situations.
January 11th4-5pm As if you were confident  Confidence has nothing to do with how good you are at something. Confidence is an experience. In this call we explore how to conjure up your confidence and apply it when you need it to give your research a boost.
February 8th4-5pm The art of procrastination If you need to come to this call, most likely you’ll find reasons not to come to this call!  We’ll be exploring just what is it that makes us do everything except the thing that matters to us, and identify strategies to get things done.
March 7th4-5pm Getting unstuck  While research ought to be a creative space, the habits of evaluating and critique can often become a trap. This call is about untapping your creative potential in ways that will enable you open up different perspectives and be more creative in how you approach your research.