Making Short Films using iPhones and iPads

A professional production at your fingertips!

Next workshop – 21st June 2016 in Manchester

Here at NHS R&D North West we recognise the importance of communicating effectively and reaching as wide an audience as possible to ensure that key R&D messages are being heard. Using and making short films is one way of capturing your work and the work of other people and can be disseminated easily and quickly through the internet. However, the cost of paying someone to make a short film can be expensive especially for public sector organisations, academics and researchers.

How to make our own short films and podcast using iPhones and iPads

We have invited film maker Tom Barrance, Director of Learnaboutfilm who has been working in film education for many years and has been involved in pioneering projects such as Ffilmschool 2, Film in Afan, Film: 21st Century Literacy and Euromeduc, to deliver another one day work shop in Manchester.  iPads and iPhones are great filmmaking devices: you can shoot, create soundtracks and edit on them. The course is designed for people with no filmmaking experience and will take you through a complete filmmaking process, starting with a simple brief and covering.

See a film created on a workshop. Click on the image to view.

A workshop to deveop short films using ipads and iphones

A workshop to develop short films using ipads and iphones