Leading Cultures of Research & Innovation Catalyst Event

The NHS aspires to the highest standards of excellence and professionalism through its commitment to innovation and to the Promotion, Conduct and Use of Research to improve the current and future health and care of the population.  The challenge is how can we make this a reality within NHS clinical teams?  This event will bring together key stakeholders from diverse backgrounds and organisations across the North West who have an interest in this topic.  The event is part of an ongoing programme of work being undertaken by NHS R&D NW focussed on this topic. It is anticipated that it will:

  •  Give participants an idea of strengths and potential gaps in developing cultures of research & innovation in clinical teams
  • Create new, exciting and innovative collaborations to develop cultures of research and innovation in practice
  • Identify topics of importance to clinical team leaders, members of the NHS R&I community, NHS based researchers, patients and the public
  • Improve links between the NHS and other organisations to support changes in practice