Group Coaching for Resilience

You’d think researchers ​might be linear people. We see a challenge and head straight for it. Something needs fixing and we’re here to help. We are totally focussed on the task in hand and drill down to the detail, because that’s what we do, we dine on data, gorge on fact. Then, on a good day, we emerge triumphant.  Noble Prize. ​Job done!

If only life were that easy. The truth is, life is chaotic and throws a whole barrage of challenges at you, all at once: funding, families, fatigue, the Wi-Fi is down and oh no, we’re out of milk. For many a researcher, it can all seem a bit overwhelming. Our straight-line thinking has now become a bowl of spaghetti.

So how do we get back on track? If our track has turned into noodles?

What we need is resilience – that strange mythical quality that cool people have and most of us don’t. Or at least, that’s the myth…The truth is, resilience can be ​learnt and it comes in many forms.  ​In a way ​it is nothing more than a series of coping strategies so that when things do go wrong (and they will) you’ll be prepped. ​ At another level it’s a way of living in relation to the challenges you face.

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