Our Let’s Talk Research Conference is an annual event we have run over several years.  Each conference programme can be viewed here.   Conferences are open to individuals and organisations and held within the North West Region of England.  Over the past year we have been affected by the COVID 19 pandemic which has impacted our ability of host our conferences at local venues.  However we are planning our next conference event for this year 2021, and if you would like to join us or participate you can contact us for more information by clicking here 

If you want to read more about our Let’s Talk Research Conference, please click here

LTR 5 (2020): The Time is Now *COMING SOON*

LTR 4 (2017): Building Community Programme

LTR 3 (2016): Edgewalking Programme

LTR 2 (2015) Programme

LTR 1 (2014) Programme