The Click2Connect online network aims to assist researchers in health and social care to develop their clinical careers. It provides a meeting point for individuals who have taken in part in programmes run by NHS R&D NW and offers new opportunities for managing CPD, mentoring, informal sharing of experiences and collaborations.  It will complement networks which exist already and provide links to sites and excellent resources for CPD according to career development.

The network will create value by being effective, engaging, relevant and therefore productive.

It will provide network support for the next generation of researchers.

It also provide a mechanism whereby NHS R&D NW can seek views from segments of the research community as required.


Anyone who has been through either a programme of work/scheme or workshop delivered by NHS R&D NW will automatically be added into the Click2Connect community.  We will also be running quarterly Lunch and Learn sessions in order to recruit further researchers who wish to join this exclusive community.


Click2Connect Opportunities

As part of this exclusive online community members will receive access to various opportunities, the first of which being a Provocation Seminar in July themed on “Racialised Consciousness” using online open space technology developed by our team.  Further information will be available here in due course about this event so check back soon!!!


For further information about the Click2Connect community please contact Jo Simpson at the NHS R&D NW team.