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Releasing Potential of the NHS Early Career Researcher

The NHS Constitution is explicit in its commitment to ‘innovation and the promotion, conduct and use of research to improve the current and future health and care of the population’.

Funded by Health Education England North West, NHS R&D NW delivers work programmes focussing on this commitment, linking directly to improved patient outcomes and quality of care, greater efficiency and resource utilisation. It is predicated on a workforce equipped with the requisite skills working within a culture actively engaged with research and innovation.

NHS R&D NW helps health and care researchers at every stage of their research journey, …whether just contemplating a research career and needing some advice and support or a completed research project needing to be publicised in an effective, influential way.  We also aim to fuel the passions for research within the health and care environment and help researchers to connect and collaborate with like-minded people who are enthused by research.

Our dedicated Releasing Potential programme encompasses all activities that support people in developing their research career and comprises two work streams:

  1. Supporting the development and career progression of early career researchers located within NHS Trusts and care settings in the North West.
  2. Supporting the development of skills and expertise in clinical and care team leads and service managers with regard to developing cultures of research and innovation in their teams.

There is a growing community of NHS-based early career researchers undertaking research at Masters, Doctoral and post-Doctoral levels. Through a comprehensive portfolio of work, the Releasing Potential programme also aims to support the development and expansion of this community. 

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