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A Creative Map of Health of the North

Aim & content:

This project came about through the work of Char March (Writer-in-Residence with NHS’s R&D North West), and Dr Stevie Agius (Senior Research Fellow Health Education England) who put out a call for poems relating to research areas that the North West of England is particularly strong in.  Expecting around 50 or 60 poems from local poets over 1,000 from around the world were received.

After reading, sifting, collating and editing these poems the final selection are presented here.  We hope you enjoy them, find them useful and inspiring, and that they will encourage you to think about patients, researchers, doctors, nurses, specific health conditions, and health in general in new ways.  We also hope they will inspire you to write your own poems.

None of the poets were paid for their poems.  They sent them because they liked the sound of the project, and wanted to help our NHS understand health issues on a deeper, creative level.  A HUGE thankyou to all our poets!

Feel free to read the poems below, but please recognize that they are the copyright of the individual poets.  If you’d like to use any of them then please contact the R&D Team, and they will put you in contact with the poet to get their permission.

Enjoy!  And be inspired, moved, heartened, and even laugh out loud with this amazing collection!

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