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Film series 3: Let's Talk Research

Inspirational Film Series:

NHS R&D North West have developed a series of short films to help inspire people in the region to move into the research arena. Featuring key leaders and champions who have impacted the health research landscape, these inspirational and informative films create a snapshot of the individual, their roles and challenges but also how they have or can impact through their approaches and way of thinking. 

Series 1 – The Champions. Key health research leaders in the region and how they believe they have made an impact.

Series 2 – The Edgewalkers. People who have challenged current thinking and approaches – and made a difference! Podcast are in development but presenters to include Helen Bevan, Meg Wheatley, Deborah Arnot, Simon Denegri, Maxine Power, David Fillingham, Peter Kinderman and Michael West

Series 3 – Let’s Talk Research Presentations. Videos featuring key speakers discussing current research topics at the Let’s Talk Research Conference 2015.

Series 4 & 5 – #NHSWonderWomen. short films showcasing the talent of North West women in health and social care research. Interviewed by creative artist and comedian, Jana Kennedy, these women talk about the human side to their work, their passion for research, the personal cost, the hilarious and the mundane. These women are not just researchers but nurses, physios, pharmacists, mums, wives, runners, readers and very very human beings.  From the Professors to the trainees, these women are an inspiration and an encouragement to anyone thinking about doing health research. There are nine films in WW series 1 and eight films in WW series 2.

In collaboration with the University of Salford, the podcast series are available both here on our website and as dedicated playlists on our YouTube site.

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