Archive – Leading Cultures of Research & Innovation

Why is there a need for this programme?

“Because NHS organisations that are more research active have better patient outcomes.”

R&D NW has identified limitations in knowledge regarding research and innovation policy agendas, within middle management. There is a lack of personal confidence in providing leadership in this area. The reason this is important is because ‘middle management influence’ is crucial to a whole-systems talent-management strategy. Managing, nurturing and keeping staff engaged is key to an organisation’s ability to provide high-quality care.

R&D NW has been working with middle managers from a broad range of clinical backgrounds. We support them in leading a culture of research and innovation. We do this by building their leadership capacity and helping them develop the skills and confidence to create an effective culture within their workplace. To compliment this mission, we have developed a new leadership course. This HEE funded initiative was first augmented in the North West then the North East and from January 2020, the Yorkshire and Humber region.

The programme is led by leadership professionals, R&D professionals, creative writers, performance coaches, magicians and somatic experts. This unique team work with middle managers in a blended learning approach that helps them to:-

  • Develop knowledge & understanding of national, regional and organisational R&I agendas
  • Explore and increase individual understanding of how organisational cultures are formed and shaped by leaders
  • Explore and develop skills and expertise to improve confidence and creativity to facilitate and lead cultures of R&I
  • Have the opportunity to develop and benefit from a community of practice within their health economy
  • Know how to lead an effective team based on the work of Professor Michael West [6]
  • Explore how digital technology can enable communication and support healthy communities and culture within their working environment
  • Be open to new ideas and ready to embrace health innovations.

The “Leading Cultures of Research & Innovation” programme offers a novel and innovative opportunity to enhance leadership development.