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HEE / NIHR Bridging Scheme

The HEE/NIHR ICA bridging scheme is a 12-month post-doctoral programme with an individual award of up to £34,000 and up to £10,000 for the 6/12-month pre-doctoral programme (dependent on date of submission for a fellowship). It has been run annually since INSERT DATE by NHS R&D NW on behalf of HEE NW who provide dedicated funding for the programme. The scheme offers opportunities for both pre-Doctoral and post-Doctoral researchers and offers a dedicated period in which participants can develop their research proposal to form the bases of an application for an HEE / NIHR ICA Doctoral or Post-Doctoral fellowship or alternative.

The Bridging Scheme is a wonderful opportunity for participants to assess their current level of ‘researcher’ skills and competence, allowing them to plan for the future. The course offers access to academic and clinical environments that encourage creativity in thinking, design and delivery.

To sing the joys of healthcare research it is essential that our work health and care workforce faces forward, outward and wide. Communication is key and participants receive firecracker masterclasses from NHS R&D NW Faculty Associates enhancing the written, oral and visual presentations in a truly innovative style.

The opportunity to widen each participant’s research network links at regional national and potentially international level is also addressed through the Scheme. Participants develop the skills and knowledge required to become a research investigator and consequently, a leader in the design and provision of health and care services of the future.

The award itself contributes towards salary backfill costs, training modules, travel expenses and access to high quality academic mentorship, giving this bespoke course a very personal, positive and practical nature. Awardees are released for up to 50% of their contracted hours to focus on the development of their research career and work towards a successful NIHR fellowship application.  

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