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Using Social Media to Support Research

Get social media savvy:

These workshops focused on the use of social media in supporting and facilitating research networks and as an integral part of the research process.

The “Power in Your Pocket” workshop at our Let’s Talk Research conference in INSERT YEAR generated a great deal of interest in social media support. To develop this work, we ran a programme of linked workshops to support the development of a community of researchers who could take advantage of the technology available to them to support their research and develop networks.

Power in your pocket:

To support and facilitate the research process and research networks, these 2 workshops were held at the University of Manchester and delivered by our social media expert, Kev Wyke.

  • Workshop 1 – Social Media the Basics (17th July) INSERT YEAR
  • Workshop 2 – Curation, Evernote and Workflows (9th September) INSERT YEAR

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