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Juggling your priorities: sharing your research and making it accessible

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In order to succeed professionally, researchers need to stand out from the crowd and convey a strong and engaging message about their work and research.

This half day workshop, run by Owen Gaynor, a circus performer and street theatre director with a wide ranging expertise, was ideal for researchers and health and social care professionals who needed to be heard!!

Working with Owen, attendees went on an exhilarating and unorthodox journey that helped them succeed in creating powerful visual messages when communicating their work. Through the art of street performance, attendees gained a unique understanding and insight into how they were communicating and how they could do it better.

It offered a unique opportunity for attendees to look at how they juggle their work priorities, as well as how they build personal skills and confidence to present and perform their work in a more meaningful and compelling manner. 

They might have learned a trick or two along the way as well!

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