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Releasing Potential workshops: Failure to Learn

When and where?

Tuesday 21st May 2019, Federation House, Manchester City centre, 9.30 am – 4 pm

Aim & content:

What is your potential as a researcher? Imagine having the support of a group coaching process to support and challenge you to achieve those important goals.. Dr Will Medd and NHS R&D North West ran a series of workshops to release your potential.

How do you feel about ‘failure’ and ‘failing’? Does a fear of failure get in your way, hold you back, create stress, make you feel an impostor? We will be looking at what we can learn from the classic heroes journey when it comes to learning through failure. In folktales and Hollywood movies, there are universal codes of behaviour that heroes use when confronted with challenges. By studying these templates and applying them to our own research lives, we can learn to recognise the prospect of failure and new ways to overcome it. In essence, we become our own hero.

This was a full day workshop offered at £45 + VAT for NHS staff, 50 % is funded by HEE.

For non-NHS staff it is £90+ VAT. 

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