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Developing a Research & Innovation Lens on the Healthcare Leadership Model

NHS R&D NW has led a programme of work with service managers focused on leading cultures of research and Innovation within clinical teams/services.

The rationale for undertaking this work was that, whilst managers are highlighted often as a potential barrier to R&I within clinical practice, little work has been undertaken to determine their learning and development needs with regard to this aspect of clinical leadership and how they can be supported better in delivering on this agenda.

This work commenced with a World Café event attended by over 150 participants, run jointly with the Centre for Professional Workforce Development, which explored the challenges faced by managers in supporting the development of a culture of R&I.

The outputs from this workshop fed in to a project, funded by HENW through the Cumbria and Lancashire Local Workforce Education Group Forerunner funding, to pilot a leadership development programme comprising 4 linked workshops informed by the Healthcare Leadership Model.

The model comprised nine dimensions of leadership and during the pilot we worked with managers to explore what each dimension would look like through an R&I lens. We then moved on to the next phase of this work by inviting key stakeholders from across the region to participate in a half-day workshop to generate the content for an R&I lens on the healthcare leadership model.

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