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Autism Catalyst Event with Edgehill University

When and where?

Date & location needed

Aim & content:

Autism: What is it that we want to know and why do we want to know it?

An opportunity to explore what families and people with autism want researchers to look at!  This event gathered together individuals with autism, the families of individuals with autism, professionals in the fields of Health and Education, and researchers who had an interest or expertise in autism.

The event provided attendees with the opportunity to look at different ways of approaching collaborative working across organisations with a view to developing innovative research that is informed by the concerns of individuals with autism and their families. 

The event:

  • Identified research questions of importance to individuals with autism and their families
  • Created new, exciting, and innovative collaborations to develop research funding
  • Improved links between the NHS and other organisations with universities to facilitate research and support changes in practice
  • Gave attendees the opportunity to analyse strengths, and potential gaps, in autism research.

The event was based on Open Space facilitation and was a participative event that required some delegate contribution on the day. Attendees were invited to take part in discussions as an opportunity for mutual sharing of expertise and knowledge.

For more details about Open Space and Catalyst events you can view two short animations via the button below.

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