Archive – A unique opportunity for early career researchers (North West Coast region only)

The NIHR CRN NWC, NHS R&D NW, ECR Development Pathway Programme is a big title and a major undertaking for a busy health and social care professional but the benefits speak for themselves. Building on our past success, the course aspires to:

  • Understand the drivers, policy context and value of research in the NHS and across the NWC Region.
  • Ensure the development of the knowledge, intellectual abilities and methodologies to do and lead research. 
  • Understand how to engage and influence others to ensure the wider impact of research.
  • Comprehend the factors/dimensions that create and enable leadership in research.
  • Develop personal qualities and approach to be an effective researcher. 
  • Gain knowledge of the standards, requirements and professionalism to do research.
  • Identify and fulfil personal development needs/learning outcomes.
  • Create a personal network that will progress and promote the research leadership journey.
  • Engage with current Principal and Chief Investigators in the NWC region and understand their role and its impact.
  • Develop reflective practice skills.
  • Fulfil aspirational goals and an initial 3-year career plan to achieve leadership potential. 

The core of the course is delivered over ten days. It embraces a blended learning approach with homework, assignments, mentoring and practical placements that will ensure that all relevant content is covered during a 12-month period.

The programme is led by R&D North West, whose faculty of associates includes leadership coaches, organisational development experts, facilitators and a range of visiting speakers who will cover specialist topics over a number of themed sessions.

For details of the current programme please click here to go to the live website.

For any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the programme lead – Gillian Southgate –