Social Media and Technology Workshops

Power in Your Pocket

Following the success of a social media workshop at our ‘Let’s Talk Research‘ conference,  we developed a programme of linked workshops to support the development of a community of researchers who can take advantage of the technology available to them to support their research and develop networks.

power in pocket

The workshops explore the use of social media and digital tools to help us to do our work more effectively and efficiently.

If you have any questions or would like to know when the next course is planned, please contact Leanne from the NWR&D team on 07525 310457,  email or tweet the team at @NHSNWRD

Browse through the slides below to find out more.

Workshop Preparation

WHAT do you need to do to prepare

  • Bring Your Own Devices – Most of the tools we will be talking about can be used on a mobile phone but if you want to get the most from the sessions you should also bring a tablet and/or laptop with you.
  • Passwords – Make sure you know your passwords or can access any social media services you are already signed up to (e.g. twitter, pinterest, google+, evernote etc)
  • Get signed up to Twitter – one of the key tools we will be using and exploring on day 1 is twitter, for those of you who haven’t yet signed up it will help if you get yourself signed up and onto the starting blocks. (if you have any problems we will help solve them at the first session).

 Signing up to Twitter

  • On your mobile – install the Twitter app from the App store or Google Play store or
  • In the browser on your laptop – go to
  • Sign up, edit your profile, complete your Bio and put a face (or other image) to your name.

There is plenty of help and FAQs at