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2014/15 HEE Integrated Clinical Academic Programme Internships

In 2014, Health Education England launched and funded the integrated clinical academic internships programme. Supporting the first step onto a clinical academic career pathway, the 30 day internship was open to registered Health Professionals across the Northern region covering the North West, North East and Yorkshire & Humber. Interviews were conducted in December 2014 and 15 internships were awarded. The programme was carried over 6 months from January to July 2015 when certificates were awarded.

Programme Highlights

1st residential

Cohort 1 group photo at the 1st residential

final residential intern 14-15

Final residential in Newcastle – everyone is holding a poster explaining “#why we do research’ which is a national campaign on Twitter

Slide generated by Cohort 1 to inspire more people to get involved in research

word cloud internship

Word cloud generated by Interns at the end of the programme

rap kate whitehead Kate Whitehead, a nurse from the Universities Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust performed a rap at the end of the final residential!  A brilliant way to end the programme.

louise internship

Louise Combes Testimony of Internship Programme 14/15. Click photo to read.

James faraday

James Faraday – Testimony of Internship Programme 14/15. Click photo to read.

Final Innovation (Issue 20). Internship overview and testimony on Page 15







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