Comic Strip & Animation Workshop

Are you tired of powerpoint and ready for something more creative and exciting?

Do you want your presentation to stand out from the crowd and make a real impact? 

Do you want to be able to communicate better with patients and the public?


This is a fantastic opportunity to learn how to make short animation films and comic strips to enable effective communication and really develop your message to a wide audience!


NHS R&D North West are offering you an opportunity to enhance your research experience with experienced artists and animators!

Use Animation and Comic Strips to create stories in a more fun and exciting way to enable you to get your research message out there in a more creative way!!

To find out how animation and comic strips can transform your communications and increase the impact of your message, contact Leanne Gregory.



The day includes:

  • Games and activities to introduce animation.
  • Working together to create scenery, characters, and events. What will your characters say? What will they do?
  • Looking at photography, thinking about composition, and setting the scene.
  • How can you tell a story in a few pictures?
  • Simplifying information to create something engaging and accessible.

These skills can be transferred to research, presentations, interview techniques, and explaining ideas in a fun and engaging way.