Have a read what others have to say about what it’s like to work with us!

”As an Associate, I would happily say that working with R and D North West is quite simply a joy and a privilege.  The team are welcoming and approachable and always eager to listen to your opinions. They encourage you to ‘walk on the edge’ of your comfort zones and thinking simultaneously creating a safe and friendly space as you do so.  To say that they are helping to transform conventional approaches to research and all the many ramifications is an understatement.  For NHS R and D North West, ‘creativity’ and ‘inspirational’ ideals are their norms.” Jane Martindale, Clinical Specialist, Physiotherapist, Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust 

“It’s been a privilege to work with NHS R&D NW for the past five years. They created a context in which researchers can come to workshops or programmes knowing they can be honest while also that they will be challenged in supportive and creative ways to make the most of their research experience in the NHS. I’ve been impressed with how the team will respond to people’s needs, and be willing to experiment with new ways of working, all the while ensuring a consistency in quality.  All of that is underlay by a well organised, professional mode of working by people with big hearts and who really care for participants” – Dr Will Medd, Coaching for Clarity, Courage and Commitment

“I have been working with the innovative and exciting team at NHS Research & Development North West since December 2017 to plan an event aimed at growing the evidence base for library and knowledge Service staff in healthcare. I approached them because I didn’t want an event that “taught” individuals how to do research. I wanted something that would give individual’s space to explore ideas, form partnerships that might never have occurred to them and start to give them the belief that research was something they could do, that they would enjoy and that would bring benefit to the organisations they work with. This ethos is reflected by the event that the team have developed for us.  As someone who organises a lot of events I have been impressed with the professionalism the NHS Research & Development North West team have bought to the planning for this event. All agreed deadlines have been met, they are responsive to questions and suggestions and they are keen to build long-lasting relationships with the people they work with. As this was a different type of event to the sort I normally run I was a little nervous but I am very excited about our event on the 5th October. I am looking forward to further work with the team as we start to embed a culture of research across the healthcare library and information profession in the North.” – Gil Young, NHS LKS Development Manager – North West

“I’ve completed a series of projects with NHS R&D North West over the past 12 months – including website work, social media, magazine designs, and film and photography projects – and one thing I have admired across all of this work has been the NHS RD NW team’s incredible ability to collaborate. They bring people together to create an eclectic mix of skills to suit each project, and they listen to the expertise their associates have to offer. It’s a pleasure to work with a team who are so willing to trust in their associates, whilst at the same time being unafraid of getting involved and pitching ideas. In short, they’re a brilliant team to work with, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work on many more projects with them in the future.” – Jessica Hearne, Founder & Creative Director of Hearne Creative Ltd.

”My name is Jana Kennedy, I am an artist and comedian living in Manchester. For the last two Years I have also been a creative associate of the fantastic NHS R&D NW. This means that I work with them on designing and delivering creative workshops, focusing on creative communication. It’s been a great opportunity for me to work in ways that are new for me, but which I really thrive in, and I have met so many brilliant and interesting people. I love working with the team, It is always lots of fun, and on a personal note, they are honest, kind and caring. They are open to new ideas and ways of working, and so are willing to really push forward more creative ideas into the realm of healthcare research. Their willingness to try some bonkers ideas have lead to brilliant results!” – Jana Kennedy